API Guidelines

Here are some guidelines to get you started with the OpenAura API.

Read the API License Agreement

Be sure to read the full API licensing agreement you accepted when you requested an API key. If you’ve got questions, contact us at developers@openaura.com.

Using the OpenAura API

The OpenAura API is free for non-commercial use (5,000 requests per day). If you’re looking to generate revenue using our API (such as selling ads or charging for your app), you’ll need to get in touch with us to talk about commercial licensing options.


No caching is permitted without a commercial license. You must fully refresh content with each access to the API.

Branding and Attribution

When you use the OpenAura API, you’ll need to display attribution prominently wherever OpenAura content is used. See the attribution guidelines below for details. For other details on use of our logo, please reference the OpenAura Brand Guidelines. If you have questions or other needs related to using our logo, email us at developers@openaura.com.


The Powered by OpenAura logo should hyperlink to the relevant artist Aura on openaura.com.

Downloads below:

Safe Space

Be sure to maintain a safe space equal to at least ½ the height of the logo on all sides (shown by x).


  • Use the attribution above in a readable size
  • Maintain required safe space around the logo
  • Use the black logo on light backgrounds
  • Use the white logo on dark backgrounds


  • Add filters or effects to the logo
  • Rotate the logo. Keep it straight.
  • Alter proportions or colors of the logo
  • Cut off, block or crop it